Locally preview your markdown, Github style.

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via npm:

$ npm install -g greadme


$ greadme [path/to/some.markdown]

   view your markdown at http://localhost:8124/
   press CTRL+C to quit

Execute greadme passing an optional path to a markdown file and it will be parsed and served from a locally running http server with Github styling applied. When no file path is specified, greadme displays a file browser of the current directory, similar to Github.

A browser will automatically be opened to preview the markdown if your OS supports it.

Files with the following extensions are rendered.

  • .md
  • .markdown

The default port is 8124 and the default host is localhost. You can change these settings by passing the --port and --host option. For example:

$ greadme --host --port 7220


An attempt is made to use the Github markdown rendering api and Githubs stylesheets. If the attempt fails we fall back to rendering locally.